AND THE BEAT GOES ON... favourites

"Another rotation around the sun and we’re back at the grounds of Splendour in the Grass"

This is an excerpt taken from SPELL & GYPSY COLLECTIVE BLOG
all photography is by the proficient and beautiful Mel Carrero.

Each image captured here feature our carefully crafted GLOTATTS creations, worn on some of our most favourite muses...

Photography by Mel Carrero
Splendour 2018
"Dust swirled and the sun was shining all weekend. Happy crowds streamed in, danced, shopped, ate, strutted and danced some more! For us, it’s always about good boogies with friends and of course checking out all the amazing outfits. We’re forever enamoured by the not-so-subtle art and freedom of festival dressing – how people make their mark, tap into that alter ego that lies dormant the other 362 odd days of the year..."


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