How to Apply your GLO TATTS TATTS are so easy to apply! All you need is a little water/sponge, scissors....and a friend, especially if you are placing the tattoo in a tricky location. Make sure your skin is not twisted or stretched.


Tips for application:  

  1. Skin must be completely dry and free of oils or lotions. Especially the use of sunscreen and fake tan!
  2. Skin area where tattoo is placed must not be twisted or stretched. The more hairless the better.
  3. Cut out the tattoo as close to the edge as possible (this is important later when you need to line it up)
  4. Remove the clear sheet - *lots of people forget to do this!
  5. Hold wet cloth/sponge against tattoo backing paper and make sure entire design is covered...
  6. Wait 30 seconds.
  7. Slide paper gently aside.
  8. Rinse gently with warm water to remove excess glue for best affect.
  9. Be sure not to twist or stretch the skin until tattoo has set (at least 10 minutes).

How to apply flash tattoo metallic temporary tatts

Here's a gorgeous YouTube tutorial by the gorgeous Elisha and Renee Herbert on how to apply our Face Tattoos 
(these are from our TWINNING & HANNA BETH Packs)