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"we love the freedom, spirit and individuality at festivals and wanted to not only attend but be apart of it all, we live and breathe this kind of lifestyle and wanted to share it across the globe"

GLO TATTS is all about beautifying your skin with shimmering metallic art and allowing the individual to re-create their own form of skin art - standing out in the crowd - day AND night! Whether you're rocking out at a festival, NYE celebration, fullmoon party or hanging with friends by the pool or beach, we got you covered, literally, in gorgeous shimmering metallic gold, silver and rose gold temporary tatts that are like body jewellery but without the weight of actually wearing any. And when the sun goes down and the lights go out that's when the fun really begins. Your tattoos will glow-in-the-dark and light up your skin as you dance the night away. 
Get your GLO on...

Glow in the Dark glitter face gems festival body paint metallic flash tattoo

The story of us through the words of: Francisco Bervis for Disfunkshion Magazine
With a desire for the beauty of creation, Saci Magree and Kat Wolfgramm have expressed their creative genius in the modern trend of metallic tattoos, giving a new meaning to temporary skin bling.  Through their latest collection Kat and Saci have raised beauty to a new level, giving their customers the liberty to be as creative as their little hearts desire by showcasing individual definitions of beauty.
But, no innovative trail blazing comes without a struggle. Luckily for them, their mutual support is what has sustained the business since its inception. Saci and Kat have been able to bring forth the brilliance that surrounded their entire childhood and have used it as the inspirational flame. With a mutual love for music festivals, the sisters have made it their goal to create beauty for places that celebrate it.  The process of creating Glo Tatts was one that took more than a good idea and a couple of months. The sisters imagined the concept many years ago, but put it on hold so they could both blossom in their individual lives and understand the bold message they wanted to put forth.
“Beauty inspires me and excites me. Beauty means so much and is so different to each individual, for me it is feminine and intricate,” says Saci.  The sisters seek expression of personal beauty in whatever form it may manifest. Their Glo Tatts allow for creativity to blossom from a daytime staple, to a  statement under the stars.  Their pieces are influenced by India’s culture and the adornment of Indian brides, as well as bohemian styles that influenced their young adult lives.
On their website store you’ll see how their pieces can easily be mixed and layered around each other, which allow the subject to be inventive and crafty when showcasing their style. Kat and Saci enjoy viewing photos of customers expressing themselves through their Glo Tatts and thoroughly enjoy searching for them on Instagram.
As with any great venture, the Glo Tatt sisters have had to hold their own with the disappointment of being imitated without credit for their work. However, they have not stalled, as they like to say, “we stay focused and graceful and just keep creating.”
Saci & Kat
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