Bio Glitter FAQs


BIO GLO®- Frequently Asked Questions

What is Bio GLO®?

Bio GLO® is a glitter produced from a biodegradable film that is certified compostable. The biodegradable element of the glitter is derived from sustainable sources, does not contain genetically modified materials or materials obtained from genetically modified organisms. Bio-glitter® offers the same precision cut and highly reflective properties as conventional PET based glitter.

What conditions are required for biodegradation to occur?

Heat, water and oxygen are required for effective biodegradation by micro-organisms. Biodegradable plastics are metabolised by micro-organisms which transform the bioplastic product into carbon dioxide, water and biomass.

Will Bio-glitter® biodegrade on the shelf?

Bio-glitter® is very stable and will not biodegrade on the shelf. Biodegradation will only be initiated in a soil, compost or waste-water environment where micro-organisms are present.

What official standards are there for compostability?

There is a European (EN13432) and an American (ASTM D6400) standard which define the tests required to demonstrate the compostability of a material. Other countries have their own version although there is an ISO standard (ISO 17088:2012(en)) which should allow for harmonisation. There are four main parts to the test: Material characterization (including heavy metals) Biodegradation (measures the breakdown to carbon dioxide, water and biomass. Requirement is for >90% biodegradation in 180 days, or >60% for ASTM D6400)

Disintegration (the material must physically break down into pieces to give >90% at <2mm residues within 90 days) Ecotoxicity (ensures no toxic material is produced which can adversely affect plant growth) The standards measure suitability for industrial composting. For home compostability, the same criteria must be met but under ambient conditions, according to the OK Compost Home standard

Features and Benefits

 Same precision cut and highly reflective particles as conventional PET based glitter

 Suited to dry, water-based and oil-based applications*

 Antimony Free**

 Cosmetic grade

 Satisfies EN71-3: 2013 A1: 2014 for chemical safety of toys

 Satisfies EN71-2: 2011 flammability test for toy safety

 Special biodegradable base film, certified to EN13432 and ASTM D6400

o Certified as industrially compostable

o OK Compost Home certified

o Suitable for anaerobic digestion

o Marine and waste water biodegradable ASTM D7081-05

o Renewable and environmentally sourced raw materials in line with FSC® standards

o Non GMO ingredients. No animal testing

Contains aluminium (except clear quartz colour) - safe for consumption


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