There couldn't be a more personal post for GLOTATTS than this - the wedding of my beautiful sister Saci: the One-Woman-Show who IS GLOTATTS. Yes, its true that all us sisters contribute to the label, it was our sister Kat whom came up with the glow-in-the-dark concept that the brand is so synonymous with (and the first of its kind in the industry), and many a night I am up hand drawing designs for the beautiful collections you see in our SHOP
But Saci is the heart, she lives and breathes the brand. Her hand touches every single sheet before it is delivered to our thousands of happy customers. 
Her wedding was much the same. Every detail was thought and nurtured into existence. And yes, her 8 siblings all had a special part. Our brothers built beautiful reclaimed teak dining tables for the 80 guests, and set up the ethereal ceremony space. Our sisters and mother contributed to details from stitching up divine printed napkins made from pure silk Indian Sari's, whipping up lavish raw vegan Wedding Cakes and desserts, and picking fresh flowers that were strung into dozens of beautiful traditional Hindi garlands. I was honoured with designing and constructing her wedding dresses (yes, we created 2 boho-fab gowns for this special occasion)
Usually one who can be easily persuaded and indecisive, my twin sister was surprisingly decided and confident when it came to the style of dress she wanted for her special day. We purchased the divine pure ivory silk more than a year before, something I would never suggest with my clients. And for over 12 months we sourced the most exquisite bronze, metal, and glass beads from all corners of the globe, then spent countless hours stitching each one into her backless sheath dress. Her second dress was a top & skirt made from a crystal encrusted Sari that our mother purchased in India for the occasion (Read the full Concept to Construction on my personal blog
So much love and devotion went into the celebrating the sacred union between our little entrepreneur sister and her actor beau. They chose the luscious Byron Bay hinterland to unite their families, accommodating all their guests for 3 days in the Eco friendly Paradise One Health Retreat. Each day was filled with activities, and yoga inside the ceremony space on the morning of the nuptials, brought all the guests into peaceful anticipation. 
We expected rain (a very fortunate sign in our Hindi Hare Krsna upbringing) but the day remained warm and serene
All the girls gathered in the brides cabin, laughing as we played dress up. Saci had created a unique collection of GLOTATTS especially for the occasion, perfectly highlighting just how intertwined the business is with her personal life. In fact the two are not separate. I hope that the images below share the passion and love behind the family that is GLOTATTS

GLOTATTS creators, sisters, Kat & Saci, sharing a moment together
Twins, designer Rada Priya & GLOTATTS creator Saci Mata

The bride with her step-daughter's Frankie & Stella
Family united in Love

Best Friends & entrepreneurs Sophie Kovic & Saci Mata

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