Creatures of the Sun

When these two goddess' got together for a photoshoot, we just had to repost in the words of Rowi from her blog read on...
“The most common way people give up their power is by thinking they don’t have any.” – Alice Walker
When I set out to collaborate with Newsha Syeh for her new brand She The Creature,  I had a few things in mind. Firstly, I wanted to show every girl that has ever felt defeated or unconfident that they possess the power to dictate how to live their life. I wanted to show these girls that as a woman, you have the right to do as you please, and that means doing what makes you happy. Girl power is alive and truly well.
Secondly, I wanted to encapsulate the beauty of our cultures by giving the shoot an Indian and Middle Eastern vibe. My culture hasn’t always been something I’ve embraced; in fact I’ve tried to reject it as a  fundamental part of me. It was so easy to forget my roots growing up in a predominantly white society. I wanted this shoot to be an ode to cultural appreciation.
So I met up with Newsha and we hung out, drank tea, talked about love and substantiated our self worth whilst putting together a few outfits for the shoot. Here’s the thing about this girl. What you see on Instagram is no facade. She is truly an intelligent, humble and beautiful goddess inside and out. A few days later we headed to the Cronulla sand dunes at sunset with my best friend and photographer Sohan Judge, and it was the perfect location. We stood tall and strong as the wind whipped through our hair and our feet sunk into the hot sand. We felt like goddesses, warriors and true daughters of the sun.
All in all, the shoot was empowering, stunning and made us feel strong; the way every woman should feel, all the time.
GLO TATTS bindi Rowi Singh for She the Creature
Rowi wears bindi from our SITA pack
She the Creature Sunset GLO TATTS
She the Creature GLO TATTS desert babe

desert GLO TATTSGLO TATTS she the creaturedesi girl glo tatts rowi singhCREATIVE DIRECTOR + STYLIST – Rowi Singh  PHOTOGRAPHER – Sohan Judge (Lunar Sequence)  MUSES – Rowi Singh and Newsha Syeh Newsha Rowi Singhrowi singh sunset glo tattsglo tatts rowi singh


PHOTOGRAPHER – Sohan Judge (Lunar Sequence)

MUSES – Rowi Singh and Newsha Syeh 

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