Heavenly Henna

Growing up in a Hindu religion, the art of Mehndi or Henna has been something that has always captivated me. The intricate detail in the art and the stories that can be told not only through the strokes of thick henna paste but the placement on the body is wonderfully fascinating.
When designing my very first tattoo pack, naturally henna was where I drew my most inspiration from and you can see that in all of the tattoo packs that have come from GLO TATTS in the past 8 years.
Here we showcase some incredible artwork of actual Henna designs with our beautiful gold tattoos placed amongst it.
Forever a thrill to see art combined.
Saci xx
White henna mehndi glo tatts
gold henna art
henna india glo tatts
henna india glo tatts
white henna
white henna gold
henna glo tatts
henna by payal

wedding henna
white wedding henna
Henna art by @hennabypayal & @monika.pear

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