Splendour Style 2015 ~ GLO TATTS® Extravaganza!

Splendour in the Grass officially marks our 1 year anniversary! (cue fireworks) We have had the most incredible year and still sometimes have to stop and take it all in, I don't know if I believe in luck as much as I do in hard work, but we have certainly been sprinkled by the good luck fairy in the last 12 months, don't get me wrong we have put plenty of elbow grease into this passion project and watched it grow from it's infancy, but the little and sometimes HUGE wins along the way, surely have to be called 'luck' for instance, our favourite U.S. boho brand Free People (whom we put at the very top of our target list of stockists; meaning the 'big guys') finding us just months into operation and asking to stock with them. And Nat Kelley; soulful and totally gorgeous actress/model (also on the top of our 'babes who we'd like to tatt up list') approaching us to deck her out for Burning Man Festival, it was like all our dreams came true within just a few months. I think the biggest form of luck that we stumbled upon was that when we created GLO TATTS® (as a solution for our much needed desire to sparkle AND glow-in-the-dark while dancing away at festivals and NOT losing our precious jewels) we hit the start of what was to be a massive 'trend' in the fashion and festival market globally! Now if that isn't luck...I just don't know what is!
Now back to SPLENDOUR 2015! What an incredible festival, while we couldn't physically be there this year (escaping the cold to Port Douglas and also welcoming my gorgeous twin 2nd bubs via c-section) we lived vicariously through our instagram feeds, watching the lush festival style come through and jumping up and down every time we saw one of our designs pop up adorning the skin of one beauty or another (we did a lot of squealing and jumping over that weekend! If you also weren't lucky (there I go again with the luck!) enough to attend, I think that Lizzy (one half of Spell and the Gypsy Collective) describes and captures the festival completely.
Head over to the SPELL Blog to read and pour over the post...and here are some of our FAVOURITE GLO shots captured by the gorgeous Mel Carrero of SPELL and Amber Melody of the Beautiful Lens
Spelly was 'our' star in that sparkly top and GLO

Photographed by Amber Melody.

Annalise Mclachlan perfecting faerie attire (adorned in our soon-to-be-released SITA Pack)

We created a very special tattoo just for Splendour in the Grass with SPELL Designs of their Antler logo

festival baby Mimi Elashiry wearing our SPELL x GLO TATTS Gold Antler tatt

Photographed by Mel Carerro for SPELL Blog

These candid snaps caught by Loz of Native Riot
Saci xx

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